Unique phenomena and structure of the polar atmosphere
The frontiers of atmospheric science
PANSY probes polar phenomena and their physics

What's PANYS?

What's PANSY?

Syowa Station is an important station where many kinds of regular atmospheric observations are performed by several organization including Japan Meteorological Agency and National Institute of Polar Research. Anthropogenic signals are well detected in the Antarctic atmosphere, which is isolated from human activities. In addition, many kinds of distinct and unique atmospheric phenomena such as katabatic wind, ozone hole, polar mesospheric cloud, and aurora are observed there. Japanese Antarctic Research Expedition exceeded 60 years and is being to transfer from discovering and environment-monitoring observations to precisive observations in which quantitative evaluations of atmospheric processes are possible. Based on these backgrounds, our project aims to pass the limit of current atmospheric science by combining the PANSY radar installed at Syowa Station, which can observe the height region from the troposphere to the ionosphere with high temporal and vertical resolution, many pre-installed and additional radio and optical observation at Syowa Station, and high-resolution climate models.