Invited Speakers

M. Joan Alexander (NorthWest Research Associates)
Variability in gravity waves and their sources in high-resolution models and observations

Erich Becker (Leibniz Institute of Atmospheric Physics at the University of Rostock)

Mark P. Baldwin (University of Exeter)
Stratosphere-troposphere coupling

Thomas Birner (Colorado State University)
Sudden stratospheric warmings and anomalous upward wave activity flux (tentative)

Jorge L. Chau (Leibniz-Institute of Atmospheric Physics)
MMARIA: A multi-static, multi-frequency meteor radar approach to improve the MLT wind field measurements (tentative)

Xinzhao Chu (University of Colorado Boulder)

Hye-Yeong Chun (Yonsei University)
Convective gravity waves and their interaction with QBO (tentative)

Jeffrey M. Forbes (University of Colorado Boulder)
Planetary wave-tide interactions and consequences in the middle and upper atmosphere

Bernd Funke (Instituto de Astrofisica de Andalucia, CSIC)

Rolando R. Garcia (National Center for Atmospheric Research)
Seasonal and interannual variability of migrating and non-migrating tides observed by SABER

Marvin A. Geller (Stony Brook University (retired))
Baroclinic mixing of potential vorticity as the principal sharpening mechanism for the tropopause inversion layer (tentative)

Kevin Hamilton (University of Hawaii (retired))
Propagation of the semidiurnal tide throughout the whole atmosphere: The remarkable information in a simple barometric record

Albert Hertzog (LMD, L'Ecole Polytechnique, Palaiseau)
Gravity waves: long-duration balloon observations and parameterization in climate models

Toshihiko Hirooka (Kyushu University)

Matthew H. Hitchman (University of Wisconsin - Madison)
On the primacy of sloping buoyancy in producing tropopause folds

Toshiki Iwasaki (Tohoku University)
Impacts of low-level polar cold air outbreaks on Brewer-Dobson circulations

Ruth S. Lieberman (GATS Inc.)
Observational and theoretical studies of tide-planetary wave interaction in the middle atmosphere (tentative)

Hanli Liu (National Center for Atmospheric Research)
Gravity wave variation from the stratosphere to the lower thermosphere during a stratospheric sudden warming event (tentative)

Huixin Liu (Kyushu University)
Thermospheric inter-annual variability: Implications for effects of ENSO and QBO

Elisa Manzini (Max Planck Institute for Meteorology)
Towards a high resolution stratosphere in ICON

Daniel R. Marsh (National Center for Atmospheric Research)
Are stratospheric ozone chemistry feedbacks critical for the determination of climate sensitivity?

Katja Matthes (GEOMAR Helmholtz Centre for Ocean Research Kiel)
Decadal variability and its relation to the solar cycle and internal variability (tentative)

Yasunobu Miyoshi (Kyushu University)
Vertical propagation of gravity waves in the thermosphere simulated by GAIA

Damian J. Murphy (Australian Antarctic Division)
Gravity waves in models and observations over Antarctica and the Southern Ocean

Jens Oberheide (Clemson College of Engineering and Science)
Short-term tidal variability in the ionospheric dynamo region over one solar cycle (tentative)

Markus Rapp (Institute of Atmospheric Physics)
Initial results of the GW-LCYCLE campaign 2015/16 - results on the life cycle of gravity waves from combined airborne and ground based observations

Peter Preusse (Institute of Energy and Climate Research, Stratosphere, Julich)
Global gravity wave distributions from limb-sounding satellites, ECMWF and ray-tracing modelling (tentative)

William J. Randel (National Center for Atmospheric Research)
Satellite observations and coupling of the whole atmosphere

Iain M. Reid (University of Adelaide)

Hauke Schmidt (Max Planck Institute for Meteorology)
Tracer transport through the winter mesopause region (tentative)

Kazuo Shiokawa (Nagoya University)
Horizontal and vertical coupling of the middle and upper atmosphere observed by airglow imagers

Anne K. Smith (National Center for Atmospheric Research)
The QBO impacts on tides and the SAO

Seok-Woo Son (Seoul National University)
Stratosphere influence on the boreal winter Madden-Julian Oscillation (MJO) (tentative)

Sharon L. Vadas (NorthWest Research Associates)
The vertical coupling of the lower to upper atmosphere via atmospheric gravity waves

Robert A. Vincent (University of Adelaide (retired))
Stratospheric Warmings in the Southern Hemisphere and Coupling to the Mesosphere

William E. Ward (University of New Brunswick)

Volkmar Wirth (Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz)
Diagnosing long-range propagation of upper tropospheric Rossby wave packets

Mamoru Yamamoto (Kyoto University)

Jia Yue (University of Hampton)
Quasi-two-day wave coupling of the middle atmosphere and Ionosphere-Thermosphere

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