One-day Bus Tour to Mt.Fuji and Hakone for ISWA Attendees
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is held on September 17, 2016. The local organizing committee welcomes you to popular sightseeing sites of Japan. We will visit; Every ISWA attendee who wants to participate the excursion is requested to register and pay online (credit card is required) separately from the registration for the conference, via the registration site by August 15.
Please note that registrations without valid payments are automatically cancelled. The seats of the bus is limited and registration will be closed when the number reaches the maximum prior to the due date.

Fee and Itinerary (Tentative)

The participation fee is 13,500 yen per person where lunch, a ticket for boat, and tax are included. Here is a tentative itinerary of the trip. The bus will pick us up at the conference venue (U. Tokyo) in the morning, and take us back there on the return way.

Time Place
07:20 Participants to gather at U. Tokyo
07:30 Departure from U. Tokyo
09:40 Boarding a sightseeing boat, Lake Ashi
12:00 Lunch at Fuji Premium Resort
13:40 Fifth St., Mt. Fuji
15:30 Asama Jinja
19:30 Arrive at U. Tokyo
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Gathering Time and Place:

07:20 AM, 17, September, at "Akamon" Gate, Univ of Tokyo

We will visit:

Fifth Station, Mt. Fuji

Lake Ashi (Ashinoko), Hakone

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Lake Ashi (Ashi-no-ko) is a scenic lake localted in the Hakone area, Kanagawa pref. It is a crater lake lying along the southwest wall of the caldera of Mt. Hakone, a complex volcano that last erupted in 1170. Wikipedia

Fuji Asama Jinja (Niikura-yama Sengen Shrine), Fuji-Yoshida

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