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Schedules & Observation strategy

Observation window: 00:00UTC 15 to 24:00UTC 31 January 2017

  1. Observation will start three days before the predicted SSW onset. Kaoru Sato will send an email for once the onset is predicted, which describes the date of onset of SSW and the observation start time and end time. Universal Time is used for the description of time.
  2. If the SSW onset is predicted before and after the observation window, observations will be performed by only available sites. The earliest record of the (major) SSW is 28 November, 1968. All major SSWs occurred in December or later after that. We chose this observation window (15-31 January 2017), because most typical SSWs so far tend to occur during this period.
  3. If an SSW onset is not predicted before 21 January 2017, we will start simultaneous observations at all sites on 00:00UTC 22 January and continue until 24:00UTC 31 January. This observation will provide valuable data for comparison with those from future successful SSW observation campaigns.

The atmosphere condition this boreal winter

The ENSO index very weakly negative (LaNina). The QBO is westerly. So, ENSO and QBO condition is not necesarily favolable to the SSW. However, considering strong planetary wave activity these days, I think that SSW may occur this northern hemisphere winter.

The announcement of observation start time according to the SSW onset prediction

The PANSY radar group will look at following prediction sites:

Two types of announcements will be sent.

A daily report on northern hemisphere stratospheric condition which will be sent to members who wish to receive: This report will be sent by Yoshihiro Tomikawa at NIPR (PANSY group, tomikawa@nipr.ac.jp) every day. Please let us (Kaoru Sato and Yoshihiro Tomikawa) know if you want to receive the daily reports.

Announcements regarding the observation start time which will be sent to all members: The first one is to inform an estimated observation start time when the SSW onset is predicted. This announcement will be sent soon after the SSW onset prediction is made. The second one is to inform the observation start time and end time. This announcement will be sent one day before the predicted SSW onset date. The second one will be sent even for the observation starting at 0000UTC 22 January, until which no SSW onset occurs. These announcements will be sent by Kaoru Sato at U Tokyo (PANSY group, kaoru@eps.s.u-tokyo.ac.jp).

A mailing list for ICSOM

We have a mailing list icsom@nipr.ac.jp which includes mail address listed in Table 1 of this message. If there are additional members to be included, please let me (Kaoru Sato) know. This mailing list is used for the announcements regarding the observation start time described above.

Data archive

All data are hopefully archived with the NetCDF format. PANSY group provides a data server. Details will be determined later.